A seminar titled “The Role and Importance of Students in Society” was held in Kulgam, organized by the South Asia Center for Peace and Peoples Empowerment (SACPPE) and Government Degree College (GDC). During the event, speakers emphasized that students possess the power to shape the world, and their knowledge, skills, and creativity can contribute to solving pressing global issues.

In his speech, Dr. Syed Eazaz Hussain Rizvi, the Principal of GDC Kulgam, discussed the responsibilities of students in nation-building. He highlighted the need for students to cultivate a spirit of social service alongside their education, as they are the future rulers and leaders upon whom the destiny of the country depends.

Dr. Rizvi commended the efforts of SACPPE in organizing such events in educational institutions, stating that the seminar aimed to underscore the significance of students in society and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents and skills. He emphasized the importance of equipping students with skills relevant to the future, such as Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies. Additionally, he stressed the need for students to assume moral, social, and fundamental responsibilities after completing their degrees.

The chief guest of the event, SSP Kulgam Sahil Sarangal (IPS), encouraged hard work and shared his personal experience as an average student who became a game changer through dedication. He conveyed the message that knowledge is more valuable than material wealth.

SSP Sarangal provided tips to students on cracking UPSC exams and advised them to aim high and persist in the face of failure. He emphasized that learning is a continuous process and discouraged students from becoming disheartened by setbacks. He also alerted students to ongoing conspiracies in society and urged them to stay vigilant. He stressed the importance of using mobile phones for positive purposes and avoiding drug abuse, as it can have devastating effects on lives and families.

During her speech, Mehrun-Nisa, a student of DDC Kulgam, referred to students as the workforce of society. Quoting Nelson Mandela, she emphasized the need to safeguard the education system, as it is crucial for the progress of the nation.

S Omar Bhat, Vice-President of SACPPE, welcomed the attendees and highlighted the role of students as the builders and future of the nation. He likened students to ambassadors who share information and inspire others.

Dr. NIsar Nadeem, Assistant Professor and event in charge, expressed the organization’s commitment to providing a platform for students to become exemplary individuals.

The event also included an awards ceremony, where meritorious students were honored by SACPPE.

Dr. Hashim Iqbal, Assistant Professor of History, emphasized the students’ desire for impactful programs and stressed the importance of extending such initiatives from schools and colleges to universities, reaching the grassroots level.

SACPPE is a registered non-profit and apolitical organization dedicated to the holistic development of society and the promotion of education, research, and learning.