In Handwara, a significant event was organized by the South Asia Center for Peace and Peoples Empowerment (SACPPE) in collaboration with the Ain-ul-Ilum Institute of Morality and Sciences (AIIMS). The event, led by Additional Deputy Commissioner Nazir Ahmad Mir, aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse, particularly among students. Hundreds of AIIMS students participated and took a pledge to combat this menace.

The event featured a pledge ceremony where ADC Mir, along with Tehsildar Shahbaz Ahmad Akhoon, ZEO Shabir Ahmad Badana, BMO Dr Shabir Ahmad Wani, and Director AIIMS Mohammad Suliman Mir, signed a pledge banner committing themselves to eliminate drugs from their area. Additionally, the students performed two skits that highlighted the devastating effects of drug addiction on society.

ADC Mir commended the efforts of SACPPE and emphasized the need to organize such events in remote areas of the valley. He stressed that both the administration and society as a whole must unite to fight against drug abuse. Mir emphasized the crucial role of students in eradicating drugs and encouraged them to learn about the dangers of drug use and how to identify different types of drugs.

Director AIIMS expressed concern over the intentional introduction of drugs among students and urged them to promptly report any suspected drug use to the school administration. He highlighted the alarming increase in heroin usage and called for collective action from the government and civil society to address this menace.

Tehsildar Handwara emphasized the importance of protecting future generations from drug abuse, encouraging students to report any suspicious individuals within the school premises. He acknowledged the deep penetration of drug addiction in society and its adverse consequences.

Various speakers, including teachers and students, stressed the role of the education sector, parents, and teachers in countering drug abuse. They emphasized the need for early detection and decisive action to prevent the escalation of drug-related issues.

The event concluded with the ADC leading the pledge-taking ceremony, reciting an anti-drug abuse pledge titled ‘Say yes to life, no to drugs.’ The SACPPE also organized a felicitation ceremony, recognizing outstanding students, teachers, journalists, and others.

SACPPE, a government-registered, non-profit, and apolitical organization, is dedicated to promoting all-around development, education, research, and learning in society.