In a day-long event held at the University of Kashmir, prominent figures including top officers, legal experts, members of a non-governmental organization, and students came together to participate in the Youth Seminar-2022. The seminar, organized by the School of Law in collaboration with the South Asia Center for Peace and Peoples’ Empowerment (SACPPE), aimed to address the crucial topic of the ‘responsibilities of youth towards a healthy society.’

The inaugural session was graced by the esteemed presence of KU Registrar Dr. Nisar A Mir as the chief guest. Dr. Mir emphasized the significance of reverting to the value system that was once cherished in society to effectively combat social ills such as drug abuse.

During the event, Prof. M Ayub, former Head and Dean of the School of Law, stressed that the development of a society begins with the teachings provided to children in their homes. Prof. M Hussain, another former Head and Dean of the School of Law, urged the youth to distance themselves from the menace of drug addiction and smartphone overuse, both of which pose significant threats to society’s well-being.

The welcome address was delivered by the Head and Dean of the School of Law, Prof. Beauty Banday, setting the tone for insightful discussions to follow. Dr. Mohammad Yasin, Assistant Professor, skillfully conducted the proceedings of the inaugural session. Dr. Yasir Abbas expressed formal gratitude in the form of a vote of thanks.

The event also witnessed the participation of Joint Registrars Dr. Tanvir A Shah and Dr. Ashfaq Zarri, along with faculty members, research scholars, and students from the School of Law.

With such initiatives and discussions, the Youth Seminar-2022 aimed to inspire young minds to embrace their responsibilities in fostering a healthy and prosperous society, while collectively combatting prevailing challenges like drug abuse and technology addiction.